Thursday, January 1, 2009

Amazing what a good nights sleep will do. Hannah is feeling so much better today. She actually went and played in the playroom today and was not whiny and clingy all day. She is still really swollen and when she smiles it is only on her right side. We are going to see Dr. Grieg tomorrow, Dr. McCarthy’s ‘fellow’, and she is going to assess whether she thinks its from all the swelling and the trauma of the surgery or if there is the possibility that there was some nerve damage. She said, though that it can take up to several months for the swelling to completely come down and the nerves to return to normal. So we’ll find out more tomorrow.

Last night was the new years eve party at the house. Hannah really wasn’t up to being at it. She was pretty upset at that. She wanted to put on her pretty dress that she brought and go to the party but I knew that I was too much for her. She had blood all over her neck and wasn’t letting us wash it off, she was just exhausted and had spent the previous several hours lying on the pullout bed on top of of me watching movies. So we went downstairs in her pjs and she lasted for about a half an hour - it was during ‘Who let the Dogs Out’ that she finally needed to go back upstairs.

Keziah however was the party animal last night. As she said to Auntie Al today she ‘partied hard’ last night. She was singing karoake, dancing, blowing noise makers, and playing with the little kids. And she rang in the new year with Daddy for the first time.
I had been asleep for awhile when they came in the room and woke up when they came in - wow was it every load outside. It was like bombs going off out there. Vancouver is loud but this was unbelievable.

We headed to H&M today for Keziah to spend her money today and buy herself some clothes. Hannah of course needed to get somethings too - she can never be left out when clothing is involved. It was all going well until she saw herself in the mirror and got very emotional at the way she looks right now - that put an end to clothes shopping for her. Kez got some awesome clothes and cannot wait to go home and do a fashion show for Becky. It was a good day. Hopefully little Miss Hannah will be even better tomorrow and we can walk to Central Park tomorrow. Her friend Mattie from the house told her she needs to go see the ice skaters at the park. That’s the plan for now.


Kath said...

Hi Hannah,
Hope you had a good visit with the doctor today and that you're feeling well.
Enjoy your remaining time in New York!!
Lots of love,
Auntie Kath

Duane said...

Hey John, don't know if you still check your blog. This is Duane Mattie's dad we met in NYC. Mattie passed away on June 2, 2010. It would be nice to here from you and find out hannah's status.