Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall is Such a Great Season

We have been home for 4 days and life looks like it's getting back to a regular routine. Wednesday and Thursday were a total blur for both Hannah and I. Hannah stayed home from school and I went to work on Wednesday. We both managed the day okay, tired but on an even keel. Thursday came with the edge of jet lag cutting deep. On top of both of us feeling terribly, Hannah's "wedge" (the piece of acrylic that fills in the gap between her teeth on the left side) broke. One of the anchors that hold the wedge in place snapped off at school and left Hannah with her wedge hanging in her mouth attached to one side only. Hannah's orthodontist is currently on vacation so we had to find another orthodontist with an on site lab who would be willing to take the wedge out and try and fix it. I talked to 3 different offices and finally ended up locating one really close to home. So I picked Hannah up and we went and got the wedge fixed, albeit a short term fix, until our Dr Pocock is back from vacation and he can make the necessary alterations to ensure this problem does not happen again.

Hannah said to me just before we got on the plane Tuesday afternoon, that she didn't want to leave New York. She and I both came to really love living there. The city is a great place and living at Ronald McDonald House was the best. The place was great but the people were what made it home. We are both community minded people so it is no wonder why it was so hard to leave. Hannah has had a hard time adjusting to coming back to the family and not being the total centre of attention. There have being a few situations where she has lost her mind because life would not give her exactly what she wanted and in the way she decided it needed to be delivered. This is more than the ego centric 6 year old personality. It will take her a while to adjust to life with two parents and three siblings.

Work was full on the moment I walked through the door. I certainly arrived back with a fresh perspective on my work and those people who I work with. With Hannah's surgery now behind us and our next trip to NYC in December only a week long, I can now really focus and prepare to lead my team into a major change that is expected in the early spring of next year. It should make for an exciting winter.

I have spent time reading on other blogs the progress of our friends, but to be honest I really miss them. I met some of the world's best kids and parents at the house in NYC and hope and pray for each of them that God would bring healing to each child. I pray that as the healing comes, God would grant peace and patience to everyone.

We will have our first Sunday back to our church and will have lots to share with our friends and family there about our time in New York. We saw Judy's brother and sister in law today and will see my mom after church tomorrow. So we are almost reconnected to our network in Vancouver. Next, we have to reconnect to our peeps (friends) in Victoria.

Hannah and John

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