Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Night

We have come to the end of our first full week at home. We have found a routine so there is a little predictability now for everyone. Hannah has made three trips to the orthodontis since we got home. Her "wedge" has broken twice but we found a very nice ortho who has been able to make a modification that seems to have solved the design limitations of the customization that was done to the wedge in NYC. It seems that you start with the ideal and then grind away until it fits. The challenge is then managing the mechanical limitations that arise from the initial design. We hope that the wedge will last until the end of December when it will be replaced with a different appliance post distractor removal. We continue to clean the site where the pin for the appliace comes out of her skin. It is an amazing process the body goes through when there is a foreign body implanted. It oozes "gunk" that turns into a scab like substance when it to the skin. We have to remove most of the stuff and keep the pin site open so that no infection can take root. So far everything is staying clean and we are infection free. Of course Hannah hates the cleaning. I honestly think it hurts to have this stuff removed, but what can I do? It has to be continously attended to and she is having to put on a brave face. Which of course she does to the nines. Hannah is so resilient.

We heard today that the provincial government is negotiating with the hospital so there don't appear to be any barriers to us returning to NYC in Dec. Yeah, we will have New Years in the Big Apple.

Hannah is pressed at school these days as she is behind and having to work hard to catch up. She is thrilled to be back and hanging out with her Vancouver friends. She got to go to our churches "pastorate" last night. Pastorate is a home group where 20 or so people get together, share a meal, praise God and for us move through a study of a book called "Renovation of the Heart" by Dallas Willard and Randy Frazee. While the grown ups talk Hannah and the other kids play and have a great time together. Unfortunately, I have not being able to attend since I got home as work has consumed a lot of my time while I get back into the swing of things. Hannah loves school and pastorate but by Friday night she is totally fagged. OMG is she tired. Oh well, she can sleep in tomorrow as we have a free day.

We are now solidly into the rainy season in Vancouver. The sky is overcast most days and we are having rain almost daily right now. Tonight the forcast calls for 40 mm of rain. That is almost 2 inches for those who measure life in miles, gallons and feet. We should have this kind of weather for weeks/months to come. The cost of living on the West Coast of Canada. Let's hope we'll see more the the sun and have fewer weather changes so Judy has fewer headaches.

I hope you're well and thanks for visiting.


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