Saturday, December 27, 2008

At the airport, we went through the deaths long line up at the check-in, then we went through the deaths long line up at Vancouver airport security. After we went through security we had to wait at the gate, Hannah was playing on the moving sidewalk. I did a super man on the moving handrail. On the plane we had wait for 2 hours on the airplane in Vancouver to be de-iced before we could takeoff. My favorite part on the flight was watching tv and doing crafts. Since arriving at the Ronald McDonald House was taking a shower and playing in the playroom.

By Keziah Davies

So we arrived safe and sound here in New York. It was a bit of a wait, as Keziah said, at the airport and it took alot out of Hannah waiting in the two long line ups to get checked in and then through security. Then she ran like crazy on the moving sidewalk for half an hour. So almost as soon as she was on the plane she was sound asleep. She briefly woke up during the flight but was back asleep again quickly. Keziah loves to fly. She gets all set up in her little space with her pillows and blanket, ipod, books, pencils, and art pad. As soon as the TV's were on she was watching Hannah Montana and drawing in her new art pad. At around 3am Vancouver time her TV suddenly quit working - divine intervention I think- as she was saying that she didn't want to go sleep before this. Now there was nothing to keep her occupied and when I suggested she get some sleep she was fast asleep two minutes later and slept for the next 3 and half or four hours. However, that was her sleep for the night! I snoozed a bit but never was really asleep and John was awake all night. Needless to say we feel less than marvelous today. We had a nap this afternoon for a couple of hours but are really looking forward to going to bed tonight.
Hannah is right at home again. She announced on the way here in the limo that she wanted to stay for two months again. I think she will be very sad at the end of the week. Especially there is no plan of coming back to New York in the future. Poor Hannah - this is her second home now. She is so social and the house meets all of her needs so beautifully. So many places she goes she doesn’t get noticed due to her facial difference but here at the house they have made her so special and to her this house is here just for her.
We're off for dinner now.

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