Monday, December 29, 2008

Our first full day here

Evil, evil red eye. Amazing how crappy you feel when you remove a nights sleep from your life and then add some jet lag to the mix. We got to bed before 10pm last night - we were all really tired. Hannah was the only one with some gas in her tank still. Kez was just getting paler as the night wore on. It took along time to get Hannah's neck cleaned, her mouth done and medicine in her. Bedtime couldn't come quick enough for John and I. Keziah had a great sleep last night - nearly 12 hours. Hannah slept well too but she woke up after 8am to a pee in her pull-up which Daddy dealt with. Bed stripped, Hannah washed down, clean clothes, sheets in the wash and he tried to come back to bed but she discovered that she was 'starving' and wanted him to get up and feed her.
We made it to John and Hannah's New York church this morning - late but we made it there. It was too bad that the Tyson kids, Hayley and Nathan, Hannah's friends, were away for the week. After church we took the subway to Times Square and hit Toys R Us to ride the ferris wheel. We couldn't get tickets until 2:20pm so we had to hang out for over an hour. However, they do have a girls section with everything girlie where Kez got some cool dress up things and they both got blinged out microphones! We then went to the Barbie section which is in a Barbie house - wow. Keziah was really excited about that. Hannah bought herself a Barbie pool - she had a tough decision to make - pool or wedding Barbie. Tough decision. The pool won out.
The ferris wheel was awesome. Its quite something to see a full size ferris wheel inside of a store. We didn't get the Barbie car - but we were in the little tikes fire truck. We had a choice between the fire truck or a Scooby Doo car - they choose the fire truck. We probably went around 9 times - lots of fun.
After Toys R Us we went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner in Times Square. Such a fun restaurant. All the waiters and waitresses are singers and trying to make it on Broadway so constantly while eating there is someone singing. And this is not some sort of amateurish show - they are amazing singers. We were entertained with "I'm a Believer", "Mama Mia", "My Favourite Things", "Man in the Mirror", and "Seasons of Love". Lots of fun.
We're planning a quiet night at the house tonight - maybe we'll watch a movie. Tomorrow we're off to the hospital for a 1:30 appointment. We hope to get Hannah doing some things. Keziah really wants to get back to the American Museum of Natural History. And we have yet to get up the Empire State Building. Wish us luck!

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