Friday, December 26, 2008

Getting ready to go

Well, its snowing again. We've had a shocking amount of snow in Vancouver over the past 10 days and it is snowing once again. Which would be find if we weren't off to the airport tonight at 7pm to catch our flight to New York. Or flight is at 9:25 so we are really hopeful that it is going to have either stopped snowing by then or the warmer weather that is in the forecast may be here by this evening. That is our hope at least. We've been watching the news all week as they've reported on all the headaches and heartaches at the airport this week as people have tried to get places for Christmas - all the while knowing that we were getting on a plane on Boxing Day.
So Hannah got up this morning at 7 am and came down the hall, bleary eyed, hair askew and barely awake - but doing a conga line dance. I think its fair to say she is really excited about going to New York tonight! The excitement does not lie in surgery on Tuesday, getting her pin removed, the end of having the awful thing cleaned twice a day, etc - no - the excitement lies in that we are going to go stay for a week at the Ronald McDonald House again. As she and John were saying goodnight last night she said to him - "are you really excited Daddy". She has missed the house so much since she has come home. And this time she gets to have Keziah and I there too for the whole week too. We can't wait. As long as we get on our plane tonight - its all good.

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