Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Apple Orchard

On Saturday Hannah and I hooked up with our Trinity Grace Church family and headed out Connecticut to pick apples in an orchard. We travelled for about an hour and half to north and east to a small town just up the road from where the Woodstock festival took place back in the 60's. There was some hope that the leaves would have turned into their fall glory but we were a few weeks early. You could see the potential for the fall change but there was still a lot of green in the leaves. The orchard was on a farm and the owners have done a great job at making a place for all members of the family. There was a great ride that they created for kids where they make a cow train out of 25 gallon plastic drums. They towed about 15 of the drums behind a tractor throughout the farm. Hannah and the other kids from the church got on and had to be dragged off the train, they went for 4 circuits. The farmers had great two corn mazes as well as a giant slide. Everyone had a really great time. Hannah made a couple of great new friends and we have already set a play date for Monday afternoon.

Hannah's jaw is starting to change. We had an appointment with the surgeon and orthodontist and they both commented on the change to where Hannah's chin has moved to. I couldn't see the change on Friday, but on Sunday I could actually see that it has moved towards the middle.

After church on Sunday, Hannah and went downtown and get show tickets in anticipation of every ones arrival on Friday. We got tickets for Spamalot for next Sunday night but couldn't get any other discount tickets as it is Columbus day next weekend so the many of the theatres do not allow for cheap tickets. So we will go back tomorrow with a pocket full of cash and but some more tickets, at full price. Hannah and I will also try and get tickets for the New York Ranger's game on Friday night so Zach can see the famous Madison Square Gardens, okay so Zach and I can see the Gardens.

Dr Pocock, Hannah's orthodontist will be at Hannah's appointments on Monday as he has come to learn about the protocols that go along with the bone distraction procedure. This was one to the objectives that we hoped for in coming to New York for Hannah's surgery. It will good to see him and for him to see one of his patience in the chair as he enhances his orthodontic practice.

Hannah is counting down the nights until everyone arrives and we are so excited for them to be here with us. We have missed them terribly and wait in great anticipation of their arrival.


Hannah and John

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