Saturday, October 11, 2008

What Does Red Eye Really Mean?

Red eye is the body's way of telling you that flying across a continent through the night is a really bad idea. Judy, Zach, Becks and Keziah arrived safe and sound in NYC on Thursday morning, 6:20 am NYC time and 3:20 am Vancouver time. Fortunately for them, Hannah and I were at an early appointment with Dr McCarthy and Dr Grayson.

Dr Grayson has increased the orthodontic intervention for Hannah. To keep the lengthening bone growing in the right direction they have to apply force on the upper jaw to keep the bone growing vertically. Without the added pressure the growing bone will be forced by muscle tissue to grow in a horizontal orientation. So they use an elastic that goes from an upper right side of Hannah's mouth to the lower left side on the mouth. This force pulls the structure of Hannah's jaw and keeps the bone growing vertically. So how does the elastic get attached. I do it. I spent an hour with the dental technician learning how to rope the elastic around a "button" on the top and then string it across Hannah's jaw to the bottom. The button is like a hook that is attached to the acrylic plates that are bonded to Hannah's upper and lower teeth. Needless to say this is a process that Hannah doesn't like, and neither do I for that matter, but we are doing it. The part that really sucks is that the elastics break regularly and I have to put new ones on. We did this three times yesterday, who knows how many times we'll have to do it today. Hannah hasn't complained about any discomfort so that is a blessing.

When Hannah and I got home from her appointment at about 11, everyone was fast asleep. It was so hard for Hannah to have to wait until the troops woke up. By noon, everyone was awake, except Zach, and they had guided tours of the house. Needless to say, everyone was overwhelmed with the house and how it is set up. The Star Wars video game and fooseball table we are real attraction. When Zach got up, he found the X Box 360 and spent the rest of the day telling Judy and I that we had to go and rent Halo (a game for X box).

By 3 we were finally ready to venture out and see some of the sites. Our first challenge was getting a taxi. Cabs are licensed to carry 4 riders, not 6. So we took 2 taxis to Central park with the intent of taking a city bus tour. Once we actually got to the park we opted for a little shopping at FAO Schwartz. We picked up a few treasures there and came home for dinner. The store was a blur for the big kids, mostly due to the lingering affects of the "red eye". Becks actually had blood shot eyes so the term "red eye" is actually accurate. We managed a mini van taxi that would take all 6 of us home, with Hannah sitting on a lap.

On Wednesday, the house received two tickets for the Rangers game against the Black Hawks, so Zach and I prepared to take the subway down to Madison Square Gardens. About an hour before we left the person who gave us the tickets called up to our room and asked if we would like to trade our tickets for some special seats that he had just got. Oh yeah baby. So we left for the game late and took the wrong train. We got the arena about half way through the first period. We asked an usher where our seats were and she didn't know. We were directed to an usher who had a large map of all the seats in the Gardens. He showed us where our seats were. He asked us to look at the time keeper and the two seats right beside him. Those were our seats. Right at centre ice with our knees pushed up against the boards. There are no better seats in the house to experience the intensity of a professional hockey game. Zach and I loved it. Zach took so many pictures of players at eye level. Wow. We even felt the action. During one play a New York player hit a Black Hawk player into the boards right in front of us. The boards groaned, the glass rattled and the sweat from the players made it through the seam of the glass and onto Zach and I. Zach thought it was just a little ice, I made sure he got that it was bodily fluid. We were both so grossed out. One of the other highlights for us was the chance to see Markus Naslund play for his new team (New York). He wears #91. He plays on the top line and had a so so game. Although his play was definitely so so it was made perfect by the fact that we could see that he needed a shave. The Rangers won the game 4-2.

We made it home safe and sound and had a decent rest.

More to come on the family visit.

Hannah and John

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