Friday, October 17, 2008

Been to New York and back again....

How does time fly by so quickly. Wow... I actually started to write a blog entry while I ate breakfast on Tuesday morning but never had a chance to finish it and so it sits on John's computer in New York. I thought it was about time that I wrote something about our time away. I wrote a great entry on Monday but for some reason the internet connection at the house wasn't letting me connect to blogspot so I couldn't upload my entry - it was good too. But you'll have to take my word for it. What I wrote about was how interesting it is to discover Hannah's list of things to do. If you suggest things to do outside of her list you are met with whining and complaining and possible tears. Her list is: play at Ronald McDonald House (all day is preferred), go to Central Park to play at the playground, go to H&M to buy her clothes (only her clothes), go out for food that she enjoys eating, go to Rainbow(cool store just up the road). That is her list for the whole of NY City. "Hannah do you want to go on a bus tour?" "Hannah do you want to go the the Musuem?" All met with whining. Such a funny kid. The other challenge we faced was getting Zach into bed at a humanly decent hour and awake at a decent hour. Needless to say we had a few great battles that we fought (and usually lost) while away. Our start time out of the house was usually not before 11:30am. My favourite was Monday morning when, after a monumental effort on John's behalf getting Zach up and awake, while we were now rushing to get to the hospital for Hannah's 12pm doctor's appointment he announced, in a shocked voice, but "I haven't had breakfast yet". You just have to love him.
Our highlights of the trip, I think, were watching Keziah and Hannah play at the house (the kids at the house fell in love with Kez - no surprise there), having Becky in NY and her amazing easygoing way of accepting whatever was going on and never once complaining or fussing, John and Zach's two NY Ranger's games and the amazaing seats they had at both of the games, John and Becks and Kez going to see Mama Mia, Zach, Becks and I going to see Spamalot (hey- Clay Aiken!), and our afternoon that we spent at Central Park - so much fun with them all there. Six people in one small room - always very interesting. Kez and Zach together for six days - nearly dangerous. But so good to spend all that time with John and Hannah and feel like a family again.
Hannah is doing so well and looks amazing. You can't really tell when just looking at her the difference in her face but on the Monday we were there we went for a clinic meeting with all of her doctors at the hospital. Dr. McCarthy had Hannah stand in front of a picture of herself taken a few days before her surgery and all her hair is pulled back so you can really see her face and he had John and I come behind him so we could really see her and it was then, looking at this older picture of her, and looking at her now that I saw the difference. Her chin has started to shift position - very subtle but its there.She's so funny though, she stands very patiently with this group of doctors staring at her and then as soon as Dr. McCarthy tells her he's done she's on Zach's lap back to playing Zelda on her gameboy. The whole time with this look on her face like "Can you guys hurry it up a bit".
So the great news is that they told us that day that John and Hannah will be returning on the 25th so....YEAH!!!! The night before we left I told Hannah that the next Sunday would be the last one at Trinity Grace Church, where she and John and have been going. She looked at me with this questioning look - "What do you mean the last Sunday?". So we went and looked at the calendar and I showed her that the Sunday after that she would be home in Vancouver. Total disbelief. So, although it was sad to say goodbye it was knowing that the next day my sister was arriving for a week in NY with them and that they would be home in 11 sleeps. Eight today!! Yeah!!!!

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