Friday, October 3, 2008

New Pictures to have a looksee at....

John posted new pictures yesterday. Here's the link: Hannah took the pictures of Tucker the dog - he's such a lovely dog - he loves to lick Hannah's legs. Also here's a quote from John's email to me this morning - it made Becks and me laugh.

"Good morning. We had a good night last night. It took an hour to get Hannah to rinse her mouth and let me turn the key. The tears were limited to 22 gallons, not bad for a Thursday night. I am sure she will run out of tears any time now. Good thing we had her ducts probed! We have an appointment this morning at 11 and we have turned the key but the rinse is looking pretty unlikely. If we can get the rinse done it will have being a 40 minute process, a new world record. Lets see if we can set that new record today."

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