Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And a carriage ridin' we did go....

Hannah woke up this morning and one of the first things she said to me was that we had to go on a carriage ride today. There was no getting around this today. So we took our time getting ready this morning (sure now that I've adjusted to the time change I don't have to be at the hospital before 9:30 in the morning!) and we headed off to an appointment with the child life worker on the ward that she will be spending a day or two in after her surgery next week. I don't think we have child life workers in Canada - but I think we should. Their whole purpose is centered on the child and maintaining the child's state of well being while at the hospital. We met two different women and they both were wonderful. The things they have on the ward impressed Hannah immensely - every movie her little heart desires, books, games, video games, crafts, an amazing play room. And when she and the worker were discussing what kind of bandages she may have on when she comes out of surgery the offer was made that perhaps Hannah would enjoy decorating a mirror that would be hers to keep and to use the entire time she's in the hospital to look at her bandages and at her mouth. Just amazing- every single thing this gal, I think her name was Stacie, thought of it. When she asked if Hannah had any favourite board games the first two mentioned they don't have on the ward so she is going to go and try to buy them before Hannah arrives next week so they are there for her. Hannah was pretty quiet throughout most of the tour and the talk about her surgery - she is just overwhelmed by the whole thing. It wasn't until she starting looking at what movies that they have there that she really began to get into it. I think she was very happy to see the back end of the hospital at the end of the visit. She and John are back on Friday as she needs to have a new CAT scan as her last one was two years ago and then, I believe that is her last visit there until surgery day on Wednesday. I hope it is for her sake.

So we left there and took a bus up 34th st? ave? I'm not sure which - its right by the hospital - and caught the subway by Penn Station - it was carriage time. We got off the subway at 72nd and Amsterdam? I think and walked to Central Park. Interestingly enough the street we walked up was the street that the Dakota is on, the building that John Lennon lived in and was shot outside of. We walked by where he was shot. I had to sit across the street and look at it for awhile and have a moment. Then we walked into the park and through Strawberry Fields (no Strawberries) and sure enough we found our carriage. Billy was our horse. Sammy was our driver. And we had a lovely ride around Central Park (which Hannah keeps calling Stanley Park). At one point Hannah, who was sitting between John and I and was leaning up against me, said "isn't this romantic?". It was so cute. Then we went past a point of interest where our driver told us a scene from Enchanted was filmed. Well....that began the singing and for the rest of the ride we had music ala Hannah - some parts with actions - and all on the seat across from us. At one point I laughed out loud because she worked a death scene into her song - and I got into alot of trouble for that. But it was fun - expensive - but fun. We then walked all the way home to the 'house' and now are waiting dinner being brought in by an Italian restaurant tonight. Unfortunately our carriage ride and walk home made us late back here and we missed Curly Neal - formerly from the Harlem Globetrotters who was coming to the house between 4 and 5pm tonight. I was looking forward to seeing him - Hannah has no clue who he is.

Tomorrow is my last day and then I'm home - I'm sad to leave, that's for sure.

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