Monday, September 8, 2008

A quick addition to John & Hannah's post

I just wanted to quickly mention that the link to the Ronald McDonald house in New York is: It's pretty spectacular. Hannah was showing my on Skype last night her Ariel mermaid doll that she was given when they checked in - she was very pleased with it. In particular look at the house tour section of the website that gives you a real sense of where they are staying. John told me that there is a shuttle from the RM house to the hospital so they don't have to take taxi's for Hannah's appointments, which is awesome.

On the homefront - we are doing well. Keziah had a bit of teary night on Friday night before Dad and Hannah left but she has been doing quite well. She really missed Hannah at church yesterday morning and was quite sad about that. I think she was also quite surprised at how much she is missing her. She was thinking it would be easy to have Hannah away - not so much now that the little sister is away! We just miss them very badly. I am looking forward to seeing them on Sunday evening. Our good news this morning is that Zach is finally into Lord Byng Secondary School. So he can start school tomorrow morning. We go in there this afternoon to sort out his timetable. Should be a rude shock to his system - how will he survive!

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