Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Morning

Hannah and I had a very sad day Thursday having to say goodbye to Judy, aka Mum. It was so good to have Jude here and for her to come and meet the doctors and others who are supporting Hannah through this entire process. We also had a tour of the floor where Hannah will be once her surgery is over. Hannah took us to FAO Schwartz so that Judy could see the piano and the Barbie display and she also took us on a horse and carriage ride through Central Park. It was really lovely. According to Hannah it was very romantic.

Friday Hannah had a CAT scan. Lots of lead up to a very quick procedure. Hannah managed perfectly as she had to stay still for about 5 minutes while they did the scan. I got watch the computer screen and that was very interesting. We then came home and Hannah spend the rest of the day playing at the house.

Hannah really likes living here. Everyday she waits until 11 am so that she can go to the playroom and hang out. If her friends are there even better. The staff are wonderful here and they take great care with all the kids and families.

Hannah and I went to a renaissance faire on Saturday. Talk about over the top. The site was about an hours drive from Manhattan, in the "mountains". Hills actually but quite beautiful none the less. This place is a permanent village. There were merchants selling clothes, crafts, swords and armour, as well as foods that you might have found in the times of Robin Hood and his merry men. The exhibiters were all decked out in period clothes and talked as if ye were in times long ago. What was incredible was the costumes of people who paid to go. Some were dressed as monks others a wenches and still others as magicians and knights. The array of costumes was impressive. They also hosted a joust. Three teams battled in front of Queen Elizabeth to win their choice of maidens from the crowd.

Hannah's made a new friend, Grifthin, he is 4 years old, they had a blast together. He will be here in NYC until the end of December having treatment for cancer. An incredible kid with a great family.

Sunday we went to church, Trinity Grace Church. The community has come around Hannah and I in a great way. They are helping out by preparing some post op food, will visit us in hospital and have invited us to hang out before and after surgery. God is so faithful!

Monday is laundry day, again. It seems that you get laundry done on Thursday and your back at it again on Monday, oh well, it means Hannah can hang out and play at the house while til everything is folded and put away, or maybe just tossed on the couch so we can go out and do something and folded once Hannah is in bed.

We have two more days until surgery so we're thinking about going to the Bronx Zoo. Keep coming back to see if we made it. I will create a new web album in a couple of days so keep your eyes peeled.


Hannah and John

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