Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tomorrow's the Day

It's Tuesday night and we're ready to go. Bags are packed, supplies are in the fridge ready for Hannah's return from the hospital, NYC church family on board helping out with some meal preparation. All is good, oh, except Hannah's not interested in having surgery. If she goes to the hospital for a few days she will miss something at the house and that ladies and gentlemen, is totally not okay. Life is about activities, friends, and what's on the "chalk board" for tomorrow. Each morning before we have breakfast, Hannah and I go down to the foyer and see what is on tap for the day. Today there was an afternoon tea from 2-5, mom's support group at 4, new guest orientation at 6 and tickets to see the Mets play at Shea (bus leaving at 6). No sponsored evening meal tonight so we'll have to fend for our selves. Hannah's life revolves around what is going on in the house and can she and her friends attend? She is loving life here and surgery tomorrow is going to be an awful inconvenience.

Monday night the Heller Family Foundation hosted a carnival here at the house. The living room was transformed into a place of fun for the evening. The Heller's put out an incredible meal and then had all the children come to the carnival. There was no midway or rides but there were carnival games galore. Ring toss, bowling for points, basket ball hoop shooter to name a few. They had twisted mirrors, a mime, a juggler and a magician. Lots of Candy floss, cookies and other assorted sweets were demolished by all who came. Each child who played a game won a prize and received tickets that they redeemed at the end for their choice of parting gifts, Hannah chose the Holiday Barbie or course. Each family also received a $25 gift certificate donated by the Heller's for one to two local merchants (a grocer or pharmacy). It was a total blast. Everyone was so charged up by the end of the night that it took Hannah until 10 o'clock to wind down and fall asleep.

Wednesday is Hannah's surgery as I mentioned above. She has to be at the hospital by 6:30 am and should be out of the OR by 1 pm. I am "roomin in" at NYU on Wednesday and Thursday so there won't be a post from me until Friday at the earliest. Pray that Hannah's surgery goes well, that the device that is implanted is the lesser obvious one, and that the pain and swelling will be minimized so she can get back to living life to the fullest in the Big Apple.

That's it for now.

Hannah and John

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Stacey said...

U-Town's on it. We've been thinking about you guys a lot, and all the more now that Hannah's big day has arrived. Christ be with you!