Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hannah's First Appointment and a little about yesterday

Many thanks to all those who prayed about our change of accommodations and the implications. The folks at Forward Face were gracious enough to ask for nothing with our short notice cancellation.  I am really thankful to them for this. They really have Hannah, and others with facial differences, at the centre of what they are doing.

Monday was another great day in NYC. Sunny and 85 degrees Fahrenheit(28ish C). We posted some photo's on John's Facebook page and I am still trying to figure out how to post photos on the web. I got some posted to aPicassa Webalbum yesterday try this link and see http://picasaweb.google.com/john.davies001/NewYorkCityandGettingHere?pli+1&qsessionid=l7yYKm2ud1USgMUzyYeSvA# 

Hannah had her first doctor's appointment today. She saw the orthodontist who will be making the splints that will be used while Hannah's jaw is being realigned.  She was amazing.  She gaged ever so daintily when Lucy, the technician, was putting the trays full of dental goo in her mouth.  We have one other appointment this week, Wednesday, with the pre op doctor, a full 3 hour deal, Hannah will do just fine for it! We came back to "the house" after seeing the doctor and shared a cab with a lovely couple.  She had just had a procedure and they were on their way home, her name was June and his name was Doug.  Doug, age about 60, has lived his entire life within 1 mile of where he lives now.  WOW. 

Hannah and I are feeling the reality of east coast time, staying up late, sleeping poorly and getting up early.  The challenge is keeping Hannah from having a nap. Yesterday, she slept while we were on a city tour.  We drove past many of the upper Manhattan landmarks, galleries, museums, the oldest Anglican Cathedral in the USA and still under construction. We drove past apartments where may famous people live or use to live, including John Lennon and Yoko Ono's apartment and the place where John was killed. We also pasted the most expensive apartment in Manhattan, it sold last year to Rupert Murdock for a whopping $44.5 million.  I guess that is pocket change for him. 5th Ave is where many billionaires live and now home to the mile of museums and galleries.  I was overwhelmed by the fact that along one mile of road was many of the worlds most famous galleries. When Judy is here next week I hope we can go to a few of them.  Hannah will love it, right?

Last night we had a tailgate party to celebrate week one of the NFL season.  Ronald McDonald House is supported heavily by the New York Giants.  Rumour has it that they give tickets to those who want to go and see a game. Hannah met lots of kids while the grown ups hung out and ate hamburgers and hotdogs.  

The last word is from Hannah, "I like to climb rocks" and her park, Central Park, all 800 acres, is full of rocks that she wants to climb.  Hannah also wants everyone to know that the playroom is a great place to hang out.

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Kendyra, Yohahnah and Rudolf said...

Hi Hannah (and John);
Yohahnah wants to say "Hello". We think about you every day and wish you well, a speedy recovery, and as much fun sightseeing as possible.
Glad to hear things are going well there especially with your accomodations and free shuttles to the hospital.
Yohahnah is a rock climber too so knows how much fun you will have in Central Park. Not much new in school here except the full days now. It will be nice to have Hannah back here as we need more girls in grade one. We've never "blogged" before so we will keep this short in the event that it doesn't work. Do you have a mailing address as Yohahnah wanted to mail you some pictures etc as she just started a class yesterday at The Arts Umbrella and would like to share her inspiration.
Blessings to you both.