Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Safe Return Home

Hannah was discharged today from the hospital, the earliest possible day. The doctors all felt that there was no reason for her to say in hospital and that the environment there was not a peaceful place. I can only agree. Hannah bunked in with three other children on Wednesday night. Two of the kids slept relatively peacefully, however a little baby adjacent to Hannah's bed had a hard night and cried lots. This woke Hannah up at about 1 am and it took her 3 hours to get back to sleep. For a little girl who hard her jaw broken yesterday she is doing remarkably well. She's not keen on taking any kind of medication, even ones that she admits help her feel better. So getting her to take her pain medication on a regular schedule didn't happen last night and certainly didn't happen today. Pray that she will find a way to accept having to take medication even if she doesn't really want to, especially her antibiotics.

So the drill today is clear fluids, tomorrow Hannah will have her choice of ice cream, pudding, jello or any other thick or thin liquids has wants. Same for Saturday. Sunday, I will attempt to get her to eat some puree mac and cheese. Hannah on the other hand is starving now and would like her mac and cheese tonight. Oh the tears will roll for Kraft. I wonder if there is a marketing angle here? Na, maybe not. Sick kids eat puree mac and cheese mmm mmm good.

There not really anything else to share today unless Hannah wakes up from her nap ready to roll. In that case we will venture to the pharmacy to pick up her prescriptions.


Hannah and John

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