Saturday, September 27, 2008

An email from John

Hi Honey, it is just after 10 pm here and all is well. Hannah had a great day today. She had puree cereal for breakfast, lots of applejuice, a chocolate milkshake with protein powder for her mid day meal, her late day meal was tomato soup and more protein pwd and for dinner more chocolate and protein shake. The way I saw todays nutritional content, she got calcium, protein, fruit and fat, no veggies but they combine with fruits so all in all not bad. She did want to have some mac and cheese so I cooked and blended some but when it came time to eat it she was already through a bag of shake and I think she was honestly full. At bedtime tonight she was asking if I could puree some chocolate for her tomorrow, it was so cute.
Josh, from church came by today and hung out for a couple of hours. He is a newly wed, recent grad so my guess would be in his early to mid 20's. He was totally blown away by the house and the ministry that happens here. I think God really moved in his heart and place some important seeds in his spirit for the Trinity Grace community. I really hope so, there are so many young people who could make a difference in the lives of the kids and families here. Anyway we had a lovely visit. Hannah hung out with us for a while and then took us tot he play room where she and the other kids were just hanging out. It was a rainy day here. She played kitchen with several other kids and seemed to have a great time. Katherine was gone all day and I think Hannah was really hoping they would have a chance to play today, oh well, maybe tomorrow. I have stopped trying to figure out who is new and who is not. I talked to a dad today who I have never seen before and it turns out they have been here for months. I guess some kids are in hospital and home to bed so unless you are at the door when they come home you would never see them.
Hannah really did find her stride today, it was so good to see. I noticed at bedtime that she has lost some weight so I am going to really try and get her to eat 5-6 times a day. I hope she will cooperate. She hasn't made too many complaints about her antibiotic today, but man is it hard getting it into her 4 times a day. It is suppose to go in every 6 hours but she sleep for 10 hours and I refuse to wake her up to give her drugs. So I guess she gets it 4 times in 14 hours. Thats about every 5 hours. It kinda camps our entertainment style a bit. I guess I could get a cold pack and bag and just take it with us when we are out.
I got discount coupons today for 3 shows. Spamalot, at $65 a ticket, $60 per ticket for Hairspray and $60 for the Little Mermaid. Not bad prices. I have a link to the site that the coupon are on and I will send it along later.
I didn't blog today so this is your daily update.
Signing off, your Big Apple correspondent

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