Monday, September 29, 2008

A bit of news from Monday and some more pictures.

I had a lovely conversation with Hannah this evening. Its amazing the difference in her voice from Friday to today. Apart from being a bit muffled in tone and volume, due to the splints in her mouth, she sounds just like her. I mailed her Pop up Pirate, her favourite game, and it arrived today - a big surprise as the post office said it would arrive on Wednesday- so we chatted about her game and how her day went today. Here's a bit of John's email summary of the day:

"Sorry that I didn't call earlier in the day but I realized that if I brought Hannah home directly from the appointment that I would not get out for the rest of the day. We walked up to 34 adn Broadway and then up to Central Park. We played at the park and then went to the petting zoo and the regular zoo. Hannah was not in the best space as the afternoon wore on and has not had an appetite all day. She got 3/4 of a cup of fortified milk shake down and a couple of cups of apple juice. I bought some baby food today in hopes that I can get her to try some puree food.

Hannah did really well at her appointment. The xrays she had today showed that everything was just as it needed to be. Both Drs McCarthy and Grayson had a look at how things were and gave a thumbs up. There were substantially more people at the conference today than there were when we were there two weeks ago. Hannah did a great job! She sees Grayson on Wednesday afternoon and McCarthy on Friday morning. I learned how to turn the key. Really simple!!! Twice a day (1/2 mm each turn). Dr McCarthy suggested that she would not have any pain when I turn the key. Maybe no pain but she is definitely uncomfortable.

When we got home today there was a message from the tutor coordinator. Tuesday and Wednesday are school holidays here due to the Jewish Holiday so she will start working with the tutor on Thursday. She will see the tutor 4 times per Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They will work together for an hour per day."

Here's the link to some more pictures of their day out today.

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