Friday, September 19, 2008

Sad Goodbyes

Very sadly I said goodbye to John and Hannah at Newark airport yesterday at 4pm. We went for a snack before we took me to the departure gate and Hannah was very quiet and holding on to my arm very tightly the whole time. It was extremely heartbreaking to say goodbye. Knowing what John is going to have to live on his own now and not being able to be there to support him through it. And then leaving Hannah knowing what she is about to face. After our appointments this weeks I have a much better sense of what she is actually going to be living through and that made leaving her even harder. I have always been with her through all of her surgeries so to be so far apart from her as such a time as this is very difficult. Here is a link to all the pictures that John and Hannah have taken in New York so far - we thought you might like to see them. Enjoy.

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